Your house is our gallery and we want to create an exhibition of home that will "wow" guests, inspire buyers, and fulfill your idea of what home should be. Whether you're looking to stage a home to sell or want to enjoy a refreshed space of your own; we can work with a range of budgets and are open to any and all project ideas.

With our flexible Richmond home staging services; everyone can benefit from this vital marketing tool. 


Providing professional direction on home staging for selling your occupied property, this is a great option for do-it-yourselfers. With a walk and talk format, we tour the house room by room with the critical eye of a potential buyer. We will identify the needs of each space from furniture placement, cosmetic changes, current trends, organization and curb appeal. A personalized checklist will be provided at the end to help you create your staged look independently. At a cost of only $175 this is a great budget friendly option.


If after the initial consultation you want more hands-on assistance; we can help! With the OCCUPIED HOME STAGING service, we provide the muscle to physically complete the items discussed during the consultation. We will use your existing furniture and décor, rent the perfect items, or can create a budget and purchase a few staple items to truly make your stage shine. Any items purchased are yours to take to your new home. With several options to choose from, we will ensure your home is in top notch shape and ready to start attracting buyers.  

  1. Half Day Stage: Up to 4 hours of professional staging. $400

  2. Full Day Stage: Up to 7 hours of professional staging. $700


Statistically, 77% of buyers say they find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it’s staged.  With VACANT HOME STAGING we define space usage, highlight architectural features, and tailor designs to appeal to mass audiences, thus ensuring the best possible outcome from selling your house.  We start with a FREE walk-through of the property and take some pictures. After determining your needs for staging we then provide a proposal and quote. From there we will build a design plan based on the needs and architectural features of the house. We own our inventory and strive to keep it fresh and updated. 


Looking to refresh and revitalize your new or current home? With our REDESIGN service we can breathe new life into your spaces in as little as one day. Using your own furniture, artwork, and treasured accessories, we focus on decluttering, color, focal points, room uses, architectural features, and furniture placement to optimize functionality and visual impact. If that’s not enough, we can create a complete room makeover design, do the shopping, and put it all together for you. You get the decorator look without the decorator price tag.

  1. Half Day Redesign: Up to 3 hours $300

  2. Full Day Redesign: Up to 6 hours $600


Now offering stand alone real estate photography services. Even if you don't stage with us, we can professionally photograph your listing.  Offering full service photography. 

  1. Basic Package (30 Pics) $150

  2. Twilights : $10 add-on

  3. Drone Photos: $50

  4. Drone Video: $100 (when ordered with basic pics)

  5. Walk-through video: $60 (when ordered with basic pics)