What's in a Name?

The name RVA Artful Staging (Exhibitions of Home) holds great meaning for us. A previous art curator within the museum field, owner Elizabeth Belcher approaches staging in a most unique way. Each house is an individual and special gallery space just waiting to show off an idea of home for potential buyers. She puts the same great care and attention to detail into our "home exhibitions" as she did while working at The British Museum in London, the VMFA here in Richmond, and in the historic house museums owned by Henrico County. Elizabeth's education in design and art, combined with extensive international travel, has provided a trendy, creative and thoughtful eye for staging design that truly sets us apart from our competitors.  


Continuing our passion for art and design, we support the local arts community and showcase a local artist once a month on our marketing platforms. We also strive to incorporate local art within our designs when possible. Finally, looking to the future, we will be developing a scholarship fund for one local artist each year.  Needless to say that your business helps us aide in supporting the local Richmond arts community. 

When you hire RVA Artful Staging you are getting a Richmond home staging company with a unique approach who truly has passion for the work and the background to back it it. With the eye of an art curator your home exhibition will have a "wow" factor and ensure the best possible outcome from selling your house.