Richmond, VA, USA

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Staging is a vital marketing tool which helps potential buyers emotionally connect with your home, leading to faster sells at top dollar. The longer a house sits on the market the less money a seller is likely to receive. Having a home staged by a professional from the beginning, allows the home to be viewed objectively through the eyes of a potential buyer. First impressions are critical. The home is packaged to appeal in its best light to your buyer demographic, ensuring the best possible outcome from selling your home.  

The proof is in the numbers; 85% of staged homes sell quicker and for 6-25% more money than their un-staged neighbors. That means by investing only 1% of the sales price into staging services, a seller can expect to see at least a 6% price increase for the final sale of the property.  When it comes to home staging, this marketing tool is a must in today’s competitive market.

-Statistics are sourced from the 2018 HSR and National Association of Realtors reports

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